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Essential Oils
Aromatherapy therapy oils for your bunny

We have teamed up with a friend of Rodney to offer aromatherapy oils for your bunny.

Linda Game is a qualified aromatherapist and has just started her own small enterprise offering essential oils for sale. Imagine our surprise to learn that aromatherapy oils are as good for your bunny as they are for us humans. Interested...then read on.


In an ideal environment our rabbit hutch should always be clean as hygiene is of the upmost importance.

However, straw can get wet with urine together with faeces which if left can rot causing bacteria and its ensuing problems, so always remember to clear the hutch regularly and try adding 10 drops of Tea Tree or Eucalyptus essential oil to a pint of water when you next clean it out, to help prevent fleas.

Here are some other suggestions for rabbit care


Try 1 drop of Tea Tree, Peppermint or Eucalyptus essential oil, diluted in 10 ml of base oil or olive oil, massage into fur on back and chest area.


Bites, Wounds & Scratches

Use Tea Tree essential oil as an antiseptic 1 – 5 drops of Tea Tree Oil to 15 ml of warm water, or 1 drop to 10 ml of olive oil and apply with cotton wool to the affected area 2 – 3 times per day, to stop infection. If wound is severe, consult a qualified vet.


Nervous or Hyperactive Bunny

Do you have a nervous or hyperactive bunny or do you need to go on holiday and move your pet into a new enviourment. Lavender essential oil is very calming and can help in these situations. Try 1 drop of Lavender essential oil in a 10ml base oil or olive oil and massage into the fur on his or hers back.


Important Information

1. Always carry out a patch test on your rabbit first as a sensitivity test, to do this the following steps should be taken: Apply diluted oil (1 drop to 10 ml of base oil or olive oil), to an area of a 1p piece, cover with a plaster and leave for 24 hours, if no reaction it should be safe to use.
2. Remember when using essential oils always avoid the eye area.
3. Make sure you buy good quality essential oils from a reputable supplier

It should be noted that the author does not accept responsibility for adverse reactions by not following the guidelines or inappropriate usage and/or the usage of inferior quality oils.
Please ensure you read the precautions for use of Essential Oils for your bunny. Click HERE
Do you want to try aromatherapy for your Rabbit?

If you have read the Important Information and the Safety guidelines and you would like to try essential oils with your bunny then you can order them direct from Holistically-Yours. Send your order in an email to the address below. The prices are as follows, all oils are supplied in 10ml bottles:

Lavender £2.75
Peppermint £3.00
Tea Tree £3.00
Eucalyptus £2.50

Postage on orders between 1 to 4 bottles is 50p so please add this to your order. Orders and deliveries can only be made within the UK.

For orders please email Linda Game using the link below

Linda Game





Quick Tips


Wicker balls and rings make great toys for rabbits and keep their teeth in good shape.

Make sure you provide plenty of fibre in your bunny's diet. Always have hay available and keep pellets or mix to a minimum. Rabbits love fresh greens too!



Does your cage have a front door like this. Do not let your bunny use this front "door". Many a bunny has seriously injured its leg in the bars.

If you have to use this door, cover the bars with wood or Instead buy a side opening cage and make a ramp if necessary.

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