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Friends of Rodney


Friends of Rodney Rabbit Gallery

Here is the gallery of Rodney's friends. Place your cursor over the picture to see the Bunny's name!

If you want your bunny to appear on Friends of Rodney Rabbit please click here


Rodney's Friend of the Week
Here is Button, who recently passed away. He was only 17months old, and although he had a very short life, he was a great character and got up to lots of mischief. He will be greatly missed and was loved beyond belief. Home won't be the same without him. Caroline, Angie, Tia and soda

Rodney will pick his Friends of the week from all the pictures submitted to his friends gallery above, you don't need to re-submit your pictures if they are already in the gallery.


Rabbits are for life, not just for Easter.

I remember those days, when I felt loved,
Jumping and hoping in the bright sun,
children hugging and kissing me,giving me warmth inside my heart,
Now those weeks seem so long ago, I' ve almost forgotten the pangs of love,
Screaming and laughing are the noises I hear, but no-one comes near,
Days have gone, with no sight of a child,
My closest friends have deserted me,
The smell of the hutch lingers in my nostrils,
Oh, how I dreamed of living,
Being free, running and leaping,
My dreams seem to be fading away,
All that awaits me is my food,
Everyday I think and wonder, will I ever be free from this torment,
Or will I just be another one of those Easter rabbits.

A poem written by Jennifer Warr and Sooty





Quick Tips


Wicker balls and rings make great toys for rabbits and keep their teeth in good shape.

Make sure you provide plenty of fibre in your bunny's diet. Always have hay available and keep pellets or mix to a minimum. Rabbits love fresh greens too!



Does your cage have a front door like this. Do not let your bunny use this front "door". Many a bunny has seriously injured its leg in the bars.

If you have to use this door, cover the bars with wood or Instead buy a side opening cage and make a ramp if necessary.

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