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Rodney's Scrapbook

Readers come across this website via many avenues, we have decided to list here Rodney's Press appearances !

Fur and Feather Magazine

"Set Another Place for Dinner"

June 2003

Manchester Evening News

"Star but no hutch"

15th August 2003

Manchester Evening News

"The 24 carat lifestyle of rabbit with 61,000 fans"

15th August 2003

The Sun

"Bunny is Hit on the Web"

16th August 2003

The Daily Express

"Rodney's Star of the Show"

16th August 2003

The Daily Mail

"World Wide Warren"

16th August 2003

Manchester Metro News

"Rodney Rabbit is star of his own show on the internet"

22nd August 2003

Herald Sun - Australia

"Worldwide Warren"

24th August 2003

British Embassy Berlin Website

"Rodney Rabbit becomes a star, thanks to the internet"

6th September 2003

KVOA Tucson Arizona Website

"Rodney Rabbit"

6th September 2003

Daily Mail

Featured in "World Wide Wed" article

29th September 2003


"Inside Out" Rodney visits MyPetStop pet resort.

Monday 14th October

Rabbiting On

"The Webcam Rabbit" by Leo Staggs"

November 2003

Sale and Altrincham Messenger

"Rodney the rabbit is proving a big hitter"

6th November 2003

Rabbiting On

Begin to sell the Rodney Rabbit Coaster, as advertised in the Spring Issue.

March 2004

Steve Wright Radio 2

Website of the Day

11th March 2004





Quick Tips


Wicker balls and rings make great toys for rabbits and keep their teeth in good shape.

Make sure you provide plenty of fibre in your bunny's diet. Always have hay available and keep pellets or mix to a minimum. Rabbits love fresh greens too!



Does your cage have a front door like this. Do not let your bunny use this front "door". Many a bunny has seriously injured its leg in the bars.

If you have to use this door, cover the bars with wood or Instead buy a side opening cage and make a ramp if necessary.

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