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Moving House with your Bunny
Moving House with your Bunny

The checklist below is a list of questions that you need to consider the answers to when moving house with your Bunny (ies).

This is a list that I'm using (and adding to) in the build up to our house move!


Old House

1. Do you want the bunnies in the old house when people are viewing?
2 . What bunny nibbles need fixing around the house?

The Move

1. What is the travel distance between old and new house?
2. What will you do with the bunnies on the day of the move?
3. Have plenty of “Clean Up” material handy for territory issues!
4. Make sure that there is plenty of hay and fresh water available.
5. Watch for signs of stress e.g. 2nd pair of eyelids appearing, not eating/drinking.
6. If you need to move into temporary accommodation between houses will they take pets?
7. Pack your vacuum cleaner last! Those bunny marbles can fly under a lot of furniture/appliances
8. Change the address on the Pet Insurance policy
9. Tell your old vet you are moving
10. What vehicle are you moving the Bunnies in?

New House

1. Where will the cage go in the new house? Draught free and no major temperature changes.
2. Where can the bunnies roam ?
3. Are there any new areas/rooms where you'll need a baby gate?
4. Where is your nearest bunny boarder?
5. Where is your nearest good rabbit vet?
6. Where is the nearest good pet shop?
7. If you are moving into an apartment complex will they take pets?
8. Do your new neighbours have any big pets?
9. Is the garden fully enclosed? Don't forget to secure along the bottom of the fencing to prevent them digging out from underneath
10. Are carpets etc already fitted when you move in or any other major work planned soon after you move in? It may be worth keeping the bunnies with a Boarder for an extra day or two whilst the work is being finished!





Quick Tips


Wicker balls and rings make great toys for rabbits and keep their teeth in good shape.

Make sure you provide plenty of fibre in your bunny's diet. Always have hay available and keep pellets or mix to a minimum. Rabbits love fresh greens too!



Does your cage have a front door like this. Do not let your bunny use this front "door". Many a bunny has seriously injured its leg in the bars.

If you have to use this door, cover the bars with wood or Instead buy a side opening cage and make a ramp if necessary.

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