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Bunny Toys
Top Rabbit Toys

You don't need to spend a fortune on special toys for your Rabbit. Like children, you could spend a fortune on a specially designed toy and at the end of the day they get more enjoyment out of the empty box than the toy itself!

Becareful with anything made from cardboard as it is absorbant. If you notice any urine or caecal pellet stains I would advise you dispose of the item before it gets really smelly.

Boxes as Tunnels

By taking the ends off large boxes you can make a great tunnel for your bunny. Its also chewable and easy to renew when it gets tattered.

Assorted Boxes and Tubes

The innards from Clingfilm tubes, and postal boxes make the landscape more interesting for Bunny. If you hide treats in them they are great for a game of hide and seek!

Egg Boxes

These are great to nuzzel across the floor and chewable.

Easter Egg Boxes

Another example of how boxes can make tunnels. Check out the Easter Bunny Video in the Gallery!

Empty Bulb Boxes

A Good size box to stack and for Bunny to knock down.


Toilet Rolls and Kitchen Rolls are a must. They are great to stand on their ends and for Bunny to knock over.

More Boxes

Smaller size boxes are good for Bunny to knock over or shove across the floor.

Even More Boxes

For some reason these size boxes are a big hit with Rodders perhaps its the coffee smell. He has great fun with about 4 of them, nudging them together then moving them apart!




Quick Tips


Wicker balls and rings make great toys for rabbits and keep their teeth in good shape.

Make sure you provide plenty of fibre in your bunny's diet. Always have hay available and keep pellets or mix to a minimum. Rabbits love fresh greens too!



Does your cage have a front door like this. Do not let your bunny use this front "door". Many a bunny has seriously injured its leg in the bars.

If you have to use this door, cover the bars with wood or Instead buy a side opening cage and make a ramp if necessary.

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